The restaurant complex of BC Moskva is represented by the projects of the best Kazakhstan restaurateurs. The total number of restaurants and cafes in the building is 9. They are family restaurants, restaurants of national and haute cuisine, coffee shops, as well as nightclubs and themed bars...

Eternal Sky

Restaurant of national cuisine

Eternal Sky is a panoramic restaurant combining the cuisines of 9 Turkic–speaking peoples who inhabited the territory of Central Asia since ancient times. The best dishes of Kazakhs, Kirghizs, Uzbeks, Uighurs, Turkmens, Azerbaijanis, Balkars, Tatars and Turks are served here.

+7 705 504 2265



Karaoke Bar

Mercury is a premium restaurant and karaoke bar with professional sound, designer interior and stunning panoramic views of main attractions of the capital.

+7 775 888 78 78



Night bar

Panaehali - a chain of beer bars in Nur-Sultan offers its visitors an extensive beer list, a varied menu, drinks and snacks in true beer traditions. Here you can meet friends with soft music, play board games and, in general, have a good time. The summer terrace is open from May to September.

+7 708 800 3333




The first PINTA bar was opened in 2008 in Almaty on 169 Gogol Street, next to the Esentay River (formerly Vesnovka). PINTA from the first days caught the fancy of residents of the city and laid foundation for a huge chain of PINTA restaurants. PINTA restaurants occupy a special place in hearts of our guests in all the cities of our presence. PINTA’s guests are our top priority and that’s why we are always looking for new ways to surprise and delight you.

+7 778 445 9895


BAO noodles & sushi bar

Sushi bar

BAO noodles & sushi bar is a modern urban cafe with the best Pan-Asian cuisine. The meal is complemented by a modern interior, professional and friendly service. At the heart of everything is a mix of a variety of Asian tastes and a relaxed atmosphere created with modern interior.

+7 778 744 7495



Coffee house

In Time Coffee, the emphasis is on two things ― coffee and atmosphere. Freshly brewed aromatic coffee from the best varieties will charge you with energy and cheerfulness for the whole day. In the coffee shop you can not only have a snack with a croissant or a light vegetable salad, but also have a full breakfast or lunch.

+7 775 475 6300



Fast food cafe

The territory of delicious food Basilic Express, part of the Kazakh Basilic restaurant chain, is a new format of Dark kitchen - restaurants of dark cuisine, working only for takeaway and delivery. A rich assortment of favorite dishes - delicious, affordable and fast! We have collected the best of cuisines of the world to introduce you to the food traditions of different countries.

+7 700 559 5050


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