Area of Class A offices 21 500 m2
Depth of office floor 20 m
Column space 7,2 - 8,1 m
Designing Designing
Typical floor total area 1 680 m2
Typical floor useful area 1 450 m2
Ceiling height after final finishing 2,8 m
Rated power capacity for one floor – 90 kW. Stand-alone power supply is provided.

Offices for rent have final finishing (Armstrong ceiling, false floor with laminated covering, painted walls). The building owner performs finishing for his own expense under the individual project provided by the tenant, and that is an additional advantage of Moscow Business Center. There are 8 express elevators capable to lift 13 persons each. Elevator maintenance team works independently form the shopping and entertainment center. For additional details concerning vacant premises, please, dial +7 7172 62 0000.


Floors 7-8 от 85 m2
Floors 19-22 500-1450 m2
Floor 4 401,2 m2
  • Floors 20-22
  • Floors 20-22