The exhibition Special Worlds of Sergey Kalmykov opened in Moskva Business Center.

On April 14, at 16.00, the grand opening of the exhibition Special Worlds of Sergey Kalmykov will take place in the cultural and leisure space of Moskva Business center.
Russian House in Nur-Sultan created this unique exhibition for the 130th anniversary of the outstanding Russian and Kazakh artist within the framework of the project #morethan30, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The exhibition will describe the main stages and creative milestones of Sergey Ivanovich Kalmykov – Grandmaster of wavy lines, Genius of the first rank of the Earth and the Galaxy, Master of Color Geometry.
Olga Skalchuk, curator of the exhibition, head of cultural programs of the Russian House in Nur-Sultan: The fate and multifaceted creativity of the extremely popular artist, the first avant–garde artist of Kazakhstan and the last representative of the Silver Age is a vivid example of cultural interrelations between our countries, an indisputable evidence of the existence of our common humanitarian space, formed for decades and even centuries.
Our exhibition project is a kind of form of support for the first ever National Pavilion of Kazakhstan at the Venice Biennale – the most prestigious international art exhibition. As the commissioner of this pavilion Meruyert Kaliyeva stated, the creative path and ideas of Sergey Kalmykov became the main theme of the Kazakh exposition. This is a tribute of respect and appreciation to the outstanding Russian and Kazakh master, who had a huge impact on subsequent generations of contemporary artists in Central Asia.
Sergey Kozin, Director of Moskva Business Center: “Do not be afraid of geniuses, they are nice people ...” - Sergey Kalmykov wrote about himself – a larger than life and bright personality, a modest genius who created for future generations. An eccentric Russian and Kazakh artist, a professional in his field, created a unique artistic style and left a rich cultural heritage. The special worlds of Sergey Kalmykov, presented to the audience at the exhibition site in Moskva Business Center remain timeless and beyond any boundaries, neither geographical nor political.
Partners of the Russian House in implementation of the project Special Worlds of Sergey Kalmykov are Moskva Business Center, Abylkhan Kasteyev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Orenburg Regional Museum of Fine Arts.


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