The opening of the exhibition of the artist Parman Assanov took place in Moskva business center

On April 5, the personal exhibition of the artist Parman Assanov @art_parman was opened in the Platforma Projectroom gallery in Moskva business center.
Parman’s paintings, combined into one extensive series Marginalia (Marginal Notes), represent the artist’s attitude to events, catastrophes, global and local changes in modern social life.
It is during the period of the first lockdowns that Parman has a desire to fix the “epoch, rethink it, find his place in it.
Spontaneous ideas, thoughts, memories, stories that pop up in the news feeds of Facebook and Twitter, arising from the books of the “great classics that were once read - some flickering events that have been happening in front of everyone for the last two years overlap one another, like drowning voices in the pandemonium of the masses of people simultaneously shouting, chanting, demanding and willing!
“Notes in the margins are “travel notes and comments of a person working on the border of “combat actions. In the vast geographical, historical, cultural layers and territories of Central Asia, at the junction of the modern geopolitical upheavals of the last two years.
What does the coming day have in store for us? Who are we on the map of planet Earth? Who am I? Who are you? Who are we?
“A dervish carrying space in a bag?
Or “Samurai committing hara-kiri to pass on blood to a future generation?
Maybe the coronavirus strains have a goal of self-destruction or zombification?
How to find consistency in events and not lose yourself? You need to make “Notes in the margins!


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