Gentlemen's Quality Bar Asia

Capital’s first gentleman’s restaurant

Gentlemen’s Quality Bar Asia Astana is a premium restaurant for business people! It offers a panoramic view of the main sights of Kazakhstan’s young capital!

The concept of the restaurant is reflected in its name – it’s a men’s club offering the best and most sophisticated services to true men. Gentlemen's Quality Bar Asia was designed to satisfy any demands of the stronger sex, offering top-quality, hearty, and filling meals, hard and expensive liquor, and attentive personnel.

The restaurant’s cuisine deserves a separate mention. Its haute French cuisine in the author’s interpretation, combined with top-notch services, aesthetics, and novelty can satisfy the most picky visitors. Gentlemen’s QualityBar Asia is a trendsetter and bearer of the culture of consumption of food that is not only palatable, but wholesome too.

The restaurant’s interior and atmosphere are conducive to all sorts of events i.e. culinary shows, exquisite dinners, business lunches or friendly cocktail parties.

The restaurant is on the 24th floor of the Moscow Business Center.

The daily opening hours are from 12 a.m.

Тел.: +7 775 888 78 78