Utilities and vital service systems

Power supply I and II category, system of backup power
supply using diesel generators
Ventilation and air conditioning Mechanically driven inlet-outlet ventilation.
Centralized air conditioning system applying Climate Master energy saving heat pump plants
Heating system Centralized, double-piped with dead-end moving
of heat medium
Fire extinguishment system Sprinkler, hydrants, automatic gas fire
Automation and dispatching system for utilities Johnson Controls (США)
Security system Closed video surveillance system, building access control
Phone and Internet Structured cable system, fiber-optic communications


Number 27 pcs., among which:
1 panoramic lift in external shaft
23 load passenger lifts in office wing
3 service and engineering lifts
Brand OTIS (США)
Lift speed Up to 2 m/s
Lifting capacity Up to 1,000 kilo


Stylobate part cludding Natural bezel
Facade system Glass curtain wall, Schuko mullioned (Germany)
Facade technology Sunergy with Sunergy Azur colorist solution (Belgium). Preserves warm microclimate in winter and the cool one in summer