Moskva business center is a new age business center located in the very center of Astana.

From the very beginning, the location chosen has set a great challenging task for the project itself. The project parties recognized they are making construction in a city where the world’s talented architects appeared to live their most ambitious dreams. That is why the participants looked for the building not only to be in line with Astana architectural concept but also to become a landmark capital project being a true embodiment of a new age of life quality and style.

The original
conceptual solution
of Moskva business center
was encapsulated
in the building
appearance and
its infrastructure.

Recalling to a huge ocean liner, the building became one of the most well-known sites of the Astana Left Bank. Internal infrastructure of Moskva worked out diligently enabled creating a comfortable state-of-art business center housing everything the one may need for business or rest.

A modern concept, exclusive location and unique architecture of Moskva make the building a perfect site to make a business, live pleasure, to do shop and recreation.

There are located in the building A-rank office center, conference center, bars and restaurants, shopping center, supermarket store, two-level underground parking area.

A shopping center of the same name being a part of Moskva complex is dedicated to homeware and interior products of premium class being the first and the only shopping center of its kind in Astana.

Project features

Site area 1.04 ha
Total area of building 70,000 m2
Building height 103 m
No.of storeys 25 above ground storeys + 2-leveled underground parking
Ceiling height Stylobate part –– 4 m
Typical storeys – 2,6-3 m
Parking Underground parking– 245 spaces
Aboveground parking – 90 spaces
A-rank offices 21,500 m2
Shopping and recreation center 23,000 m2