This is a posh American style bar, combining high quality recreation and
    luxury. Its interesting, stylish and home-like interior will add to the comfort
    of your visit and help you chill out.

    Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday the bar hosts shows by a popular cover band and the capital’s famous DJs.
    On weekdays the stage belongs to our DJs.
    The visitors are up for vibrant and standout theme parties and events featuring stars from all over Russia and Europe.
    At visitors’ disposal is a stylish hall accommodating up to 200 people.
    The daily opening hours are from 11 a.m. and until the last customer leaves.

    Phone: +7 778 664 44 69


  • Gentlemen's Quality Bar Asia

    Gentlemen's Quality Bar Asia

    Gentlemen`s Quality Bar Asia Astana is a premium restaurant for business people. It offers a panoramic view of the main sights of Kazakhstan’s young capital! The concept of the restaurant is reflected in its name. It is a men’s club offering the best and most sophisticated services to true men.
    Gentlemen's Quality Bar Asia was designed to satisfy any demands of the stronger sex, offering business lunches, exquisite dinners, hard and expensive liquor, attentive personnel, various cuisines and friendly cocktail parties.
    The daily opening hours are from 12 a.m.

    Phone: +7 775 888 78 78

  • Mangilik Aspan

    Mangilik Aspan

    Mangilik Aspan is a panoramic restaurant bringing together the cuisines of 9 Turk nations populating the Central Asia since the ancient times. Here they serve the best Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Uyghur, Turkmen, Azerbaijani, Balkar, Tartar, and Turk meals. The mission statement of the Mangilik Aspan incorporates the best of the Turk nations i.e. their rich culture, extraordinary hospitality and distinctive cuisine.

    The Mangilik Aspan is situated on the 25th floor of the Moscow Business Center offering a breath-taking view of the young capital. With panoramic windows all around the hall, it provides a favourable point of view, be it Bayterek, Akorda or Bejing Palace, with the view being great regardless of whichever way you look. The daily opening hours are from 12 a.m.

    Phone: +7 7172 64 22 65, +7 775 888 99 88


  • Zapoy Karaoke & Bar

    Zapoy Karaoke & Bar

    Zapoy Karaoke & Bar offers the most impressive sound, and state-of-the-art technology combined with fancy cuisine. Not only will professional light and sound equipment make Zapoy into one of the most favoured recreation sites of the capital, but it will also turn it into a stage for standout performances by renowned artists.

    Zapoy Karaoke & Bar has 3 halls for its visitors i.e. three VIP halls (seating capacity of 25, 15, and 10) and a amazing bigger hall accommodating up to 70 persons..

    Phone: +7 702 440 20 00


  • Bardo Karaoke & Lounge Bar

    Bardo Karaoke & Lounge Bar

    This is a contemporary place that combines karaoke and lounge bar.

    It features a cutting-edge Evolution pro2 karaoke system, professional soundman, hookahs to satisfy any taste, fusion cuisine and a wide selection of drinks at the bar. The bar’s entertainment activities include contests and awards!

    At visitors’ disposal is a cozy hall for 45 and a comfy VIP room with a seating capacity of 8-10.

    Phone: +7 771 762 00 11


  • Lounge bar "HEMINGWAY"

    Lounge bar "HEMINGWAY"

    Phone: +7 701 444 04 43

  • FALAFEL –Daily catering cafeteria

    FALAFEL –Daily catering cafeteria

    Phone: +7 7172 47 58 47


  • Costa Coffee coffee bar

    Costa Coffee coffee bar

    Phone: +7 701 026 33 54

  • Memo café

    Memo café

    Phone: +7 771 373 77 77