Mangilik Aspan

Mangilik Aspan is a panoramic restaurant bringing together the cuisines of 9 Turk nations populating the Central Asia since the ancient times. Here they serve the best Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Uyghur, Turkmen, Azerbaijani, Balkar, Tartar, and Turk meals. The mission statement of the Mangilik Aspan incorporates the best of the Turk nations i.e. their rich culture, extraordinary hospitality and distinctive cuisine.

The first ever Mangilik Aspan restaurant opened in Almaty, and over one and a half year turned into a place dearly loved by the residents of the Southern Capital. The restaurant opened its doors to Astana residents on April 30, 2016 and is already a place particularly popular with the urbanites. It won the hearts of visitors with its rich oriental interiors, top-notch cuisine, high level of services and an amazing view of Astana.

During the day it is a place for family lunches and receptions, while at night it hosts cordial get-togethers of friends, socials or romantic dinners.

The Mangilik Aspan is situated on the 25th floor of the Moscow Business Center offering a breath-taking view of the young capital. With panoramic windows all around the hall, it provides a favourable point of view, be it Baiterek, Akorda or Bejing Palace, with the view being great regardless of whichever way you look.

The daily opening hours are from 12 a.m.

Время работы: ежедневно с 12.00.

Тел.: +7 7172 64 22 65, +7 775 888 99 88.