Recalling to huge ocean liner, the building of Moskva business center perfectly fits with megapolis dynamics featuring its unpredictable and fluid character, peculiar rhythm and lifestyle.

It’s a great deal to daze Astana, but designers of Moskva business center managed to do this. Impressive architecture of the complex being extraordinary even for sophisticated Astana together with off-beat light design make the building one of the most spectacular, authentic and futuristic projects of the capital.

Ingenious architecture of Moskva business center is encapsulated through organic synthesis of geometric shapes, advanced engineering solutions and modern materials.

Архитектура бц "Москва"

The high-rise part of the building presents a cylinder with ellipse in the basement and parabolic line on the fronts. On the roof of the building there is a three-storey glass structure where a multi-level panoramic restaurant is located offering its guests to enjoy spectacular views over the city at height. The basement of the building is a five-storey asymmetrical stylobate allocated for shopping and recreation center.

 Александр Асадов

Alexander Asadov

A corresponding member of International
Academy of Architecture

The author of Moskva architectural concept is Alexander Assadov, a corresponding member of International Academy of Architecture. Alexander Assadov was awarded with numerous prizes and rewards and is known is a designer for such great projects as development of Tverskaya Zastava square in Moscow, building in Moskva-city MIBC, artificial island in Black sea.